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We can offer you many options to help you through difficult or stressful times. Our Stressbusters Course is very popular and is supported by our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) who are trained to support you if you are suffering from common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing enduring anxiety and depression our team of experienced therapists also offer cognitive behaviorial therapy (CBT). We can also help you with other types of therapies, such as relationship counselling.


Depression affects different people in different ways. It can affect your body, your moods, emotions, feelings and thoughts. You may think that you are simply under the weather or feeling tired.

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It is quite normal for you to feel tense or concerned when facing a potentially stressful situation and it might affect your sleep patterns, appetite levels and the ability to concentrate.

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Panic Attacks

A panic attack is an exaggeration of your body’s normal response to fear, stress or excitement. It is not uncommon for people to feel that they are having a heart attack as symptoms can include chest pain, breathlessness, sweating and nausea.

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Bereavement is a distressing but common experience. Sooner or later most of us will suffer the death of someone we love. Yet in our everyday life we think and talk about death very little.

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A fear becomes a phobia when you have an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation (eg. going outside) or an object (eg. buttons). You will often begin to organise your life around avoiding the thing that is causing you anxiety.

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Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope. Sleeping problems, sweating, loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating are all common signs of stress.

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Calls will cost 3p per minute plus your telephone company's access charge.

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